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"Celebrate Yourself or Your Angels with This Statement Halo Wings Choker"


Wear your 'Angel Wings' Archangel Choker™ in 14K Gold Vermeil as a reminder of your celestial identity. This elegant yet playful statement piece features two scintillating wings that illuminate the back of your neck, and a halo that will illuminate the front.


This token of magic is durable and made to endure the test of time. The moissanite sourced is conflict-free, beautifully refracting light to create a mesmerising sparkle.


Handmade Using 14K Yellow Gold Vermeil by Extraordinary Humans for Extraordinary Humans © Design Copyrighted

BLOOMTINE Create the Perfect Gift Jewellery
Chain Length 15"

Halo Diameter ~22mm 

Archangel Choker™ in 14K Gold Vermeil

SKU : HSACV009 - 15"
1 550,00£Prix
    • Handmade by Extraordinary Humans for Extraordinary Humans Exuding an Abundance of Love
    • Consciously Sourced Sterling Silver / Premium 14K Vermeil 
    • Premium VVS Lab-Grown Moissanite 


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